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My Master is... Switzerland (Vash Zwingli)

Why did he make you his slave? He thinks you're sexy (o.O okay...)

Okay, RP time! How does he treat you? "Like a...well, slave" (obviously lol)

How you behave towards him? "I'm too scared to fight back! Help meee! ;__; "(What can I say he's scarry D: )

What clothes do you have to wear? "Lingerie..." (O////O No!!!)

What does he call you? Sweetie (Really?!)

Does he show affection? "Nope, he rather have me being all over him" (Why do I gotta do all the work?! DX )

Do YOU show affection? "Sometimes, but only hugs" (...does he force me to give him them...)

Does he punish you when you do something wrong? "Only once. That was enough" (Wow...)

If yes, how? "He locks me inside a very dark room" (Noooooo, not a dark room!!! D: )

If yes, how long? (If it's time-based) "A half-hour" ( D: Did I atleast have my phone to read fanfics off of?!)

The sex? "FAST"(O///////O F-fast?.. o-okay... *gulp*)

How offen? "Twice a week" (Twice a week D: ?!)

Where do you sleep? "Wherever I feel like sleeping" (Kuz its not gonna be with him, for fear of it being more than 2x a week lol)

Okay, pause on RP. Does he love you? In his own weird way, yes (This is love?!)

Ok, back to RP. What happens in the end? He lets you go (I'm free!!!... but weirdly I might miss him o.O ... no I'm crazy lol)
So I was looking through the other quizes on [link] and I found this, so I just couldn't resist ;P

Still taking requests just ask for them here [link]

Hetalia :iconhimaruyaplz:
Pikachu-Noises Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow...Switzy's kinda a perv.
Mizuki-Hamisaki Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Student General Artist
Rofl you should take some of these ;P

I know right D:

psssst.. send me a note
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